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You can obtain a Visa Application form from the Irish Embassy/Consulate in your own Country or Directly from:

The Department of Foreign Affairs
Visa Section
13/14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2
Fax. 00 353 9 (0) 1 6331051 / 6331053

Please contact them Directly if you have any queries.

For Information on the location of your nearest Irish Embassies/Consulates please refer to:

Details of study visa requirements are attached. The key elements for success in applying for a study visa for Ireland are:

  • Make sure all documentation required is in order and complete.

  • Age. Student applying for a foundation course should ideally be in the age range 17 - 22 i.e. recently completed high school education.

  • Final offer letter from College (this will be issued once fees have been paid in compliance with Irish Government visa regulations).

  • Study plan. Student should present a logical study plan, e.g. English language - Foundation Programme (Business) - Degree in Information Technology - Job in I.T. Sector in home country.**Visa success rates for students apply for a 2-4 year programme of studies are much higher than for students applying for an English Language course only****

  • Evidence that student can support him/herself fully without relying on state services, e.g. copy of current bank statement showing at least € and a 'letter of good standing' from the sponsors bank.

  • Valid passport.

  • 4 passport photographs

  • Visa application fee

  • Some countries have special visa requirements for English language i.e. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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