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General info about Visa to Norway.

31/10/2005 :: How to apply for a Visa?
It is important that you read this information before you submit your application for a visa.

As a member-country of the Schengen area in Europe, the Royal Danish Embassy has taken over all processing of visa, airport transit visa and transit visa for persons who wish to apply for visa to Norway. The Royal Danish Embassy will also handle D and C+D visas as well (in connection with work- and residence permit).

Have you already decided when you would like to travel?
If yes, make sure that you are applying for a visa well in advance of your travel, as the processing time of your visa can take some time. By applying well in advance of your trip you will be able to avoid unnecessary expense, as the Embassy will not be able to rush the processing of your application.

What about the ticket?
Please note that for a visitor/tourist visa the Embassy requires a "non-refundable, roundtrip airline ticket" not exceeding in number of days the period of which your visa has been granted.

If you apply for work/residence- permit in Norway, do not purchase any ticket until you know that your visa application has been approved. Only when you have been informed by the Embassy in writing, should you obtain a ticket.

When do I pay the visa fee?
The visa fee is due for payment upon submission of the application, and is not refundable if your visa application is rejected.
What shall I do if my visa application has been approved?
You will be required to submit a confirmed non-refundable roundtrip airline tickets and a travel and health insurance valid for all Schengen countries with a minimum amount insured of SGD 70,000.

Which type of visa shall I apply for?
In order for the Embassy to provide you with a better and more efficient service when you apply for your visa, we would like to make sure that you know which type of visa you will be applying for (please note that the processing times given below are approximate estimates, and may be longer in certain cases!)

Would you like to visit family or friends in Norway?
You can apply for a maximum of 90 day visitor/tourist visa. Your stay is limited to 90 days.

Processing time varies. Visa's which can be handled locally and bona fide will be processed within max 3 working days.

Are you planning on going on a tour to (as a tourist) without visiting anyone in particular?
You may apply for a tourist visa, maximum of 90 days. Processing time varies. Visa's which can be handled locally and bona fide will be processed within max 3 working days.  For groups of more than 20 pax. the processing time might be longer. If you are also planning to visit other Schengen countries, please note that you will be asked to submit a full and complete travel itinerary.

Is the purpose of your trip a business meeting or special training in Norway?
A business visa has a maximum validity of 90 days, and the processing varies. Visa's which can be handled locally and bona fide will be processed within max 3 working days.

Are you married to a Norwegian citizen and are planning to move to Norway to live there with your wife/husband?
You may apply for an "Entry visa" for Norway, which has a processing time of 10 working days. Please note that one of the requirements for this kind of visa is that your spouse has sufficient income to support you in Norway. If your visa application is approved you will be given an entry visa to Norway, which will entitle you to travel to Norway. Upon arrival in Norway, you must present yourself at the local police station in order to apply for a residence permit in Norway. During the processing of your application you will be allowed to stay with your spouse  in Norway, until a decision has been made.

Do you have close family living in Norway and would like to go there to live with them permanently?
A "close" relative means that you have a child or your parent(s) already living in Norway on valid residence permits. You may therefore apply for a "Family Reunification" (residence permit). If you are under the age of 18 you may apply for a family reunification residence permit to live with your mother and/or father. The processing time is approximately 10-12 months.

Are you a student who is planning to study at a school or university in Norway?
Such a "Student Visa" takes approx. 4-18 weeks to process. You must have secured a signed Letter of Acceptance from your school or university. In most cases you are also required to open a bank account in the city where you will be studying, with a certain amount of money deposited.

Are you planning to apply for a seasonal work permit?
If you have secured a short-term work contract to perform seasonal work in Norway, you may apply for a short-term work permit for this purpose. The processing time is 3-6 months.

Will you be applying for a permanent work permit in Norway?
You must already have secured a work contract with a company (in Norway). Processing time is 3-12 months.


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