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Switzerland is known for a variety of reasons that are varied in nature. It is known for its neutrality, mountains, lakes, chocolate, yodeling, technology, and above all, banking. What is not popularly known is that it is also a super destination for study abroad. It is not so known for its study abroad program probably because Switzerland prefers to maintain an old-fashioned persona with regards to its strong points, which are its much famed privacy laws and its neutrality. 

Switzerland is home to some of the finest technology research institutions and research facilities that have excellent study abroad programs. If you are considering high school study abroad or even high school summer study abroad, Switzerland has the potential to give a remarkable turn to your career plans. 

Quiet of few of the teaching institutes are associated with industrial houses of the country and present abundant opportunities for summer study abroad. These institutes can therefore provide hands-on trade simulations, leadership development workshops and allow you to meet leaders in the fields of international diplomacy, commerce, and business. Study abroad programs in Switzerland can give you valuable experience in study and allow you to participate in the global marketplace. 

The Swiss Government and foundations give out study abroad scholarships which are tailor made for international students and intended for students with brilliant academic records who cannot afford the academic fees for the various study abroad programs. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships alone hands over 700 study abroad scholarships, of up to $ 5000, every academic year, and are especially meant for the next generation of highly educated and diverse global leaders.

There is a long list of countries whose nationals do not need to procure a student visa for study abroad programs of 90 days or less. For more than 90 days of study abroad in Switzerland, however, all nationals need to apply to the consulate for a visa that is granted within 24 hours, except in cases where the application needs to be referred to the Swiss authorities. The documentation required is fairly limited in comparison to other countries. All that you require is the usual photographs and passport along with return or onward ticket and proof of sufficient funds in the shape of a bank statement. 

If you decide to choose Switzerland as your high school study abroad destination, you can be sure of high class professionalism in the training and education that is imparted to you. The study abroad programs of practically all institutions are well defined and employ teachers who are extremely proficient at their jobs. Switzerland ranks among the top countries in the field of education, especially in science and technology. The programs are packed with educational activities that are fun and provide a welcome breaks from the busy academic curriculum. 

In Geneva you can look forward to a walking tour of Old Geneva or a visit to the famous "jet d'eau" that spouts 500 feet above the lake. The eye-catching mountains are overwhelming and have facilities for skiing, mountaineering, and hiking.

Switzerland ranks among the most traveled European countries due to its hotels, diversity of its heritage, its food, chocolates, and of course the Alps. Study abroad programs available in Switzerland, not only provide education and training of an unmatched quality but also give you the opportunity to take the Eurail to nearby Italy or France. You can also ski on The Matterhorn in your spare time when you are not involved in your studies.

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